Study Proposals

Investigator Study Proposals
Limbrick Review of 350 retrospective subjects
Anderson, Hankinson, Tuite PBC2 on CT/MRI
Hankinson, Johnston, Anderson, Tuite, Brockmeyer Predictors of treatment failure and need for subsequent occipitocervical fusion; with or without anterior decompression; or long segment posterior spinal fusion in children with Chiari malformation
Anderson Spinal deformity after decompression (PFD/PFDD) with or w/o fusion
Shannon Prospective health-related QOL/CHIP
Grant Surgical treatment of CM+SM in children <3 years of age
Grant Noonan’s syndrome
Grant Revision surgeries on patients ≤ 10 years old
Strahle Syrinx location + Spinal deformity
Strahle Describe the natural history of sagittal and coronal plane deformity in the setting of CM1 prior to surgery
Strahle Outcomes of sagittal and coronal plane deformity after posterior fossa decompression. Describe outcomes in relation to change in CSF flow, syrinx size, Chiari symptoms.
Strahle Describe relative contributions of tonsil position, posterior fossa size/shape, cranial/vertebral junction morphology, syrinx characteristics (size, location, septations), additional cranial findings to coronal and sagittal plane deformity (scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, pelvic incidence, sacral slope, pelvic tilt, trunk shift, location of curve, curve magnitude).